Endnotes: Caltech Student Experiences


We asked alumni:

What’s the one thing every Caltech student should do or see or experience before graduation?

Ath dining room

Walk slowly down the halls of the Athenaeum when you dine with professors, and consider the genius, from Anderson to Zewail, that walked ahead of you.
Tanya Schlusser (BS ’99), Bridgeview, IL

Zuma beach. 
Ryan Zeidan (PhD ’07), Chatham, NJ

Get away from the lab, at least for a moment, to spend some time in nature. This may be your last chance before you enter the real world.
Paul Gazis (BS ’76), Mountain View, CA

Experience an activity through the Caltech Y: a speaker, a hike, tutoring, or Make-a-Difference Day. 
Michael Stefanko (BS ’70), West Covina, CA

See the LA Basin from Mount Wilson on a clear night. 
Phil Neches (BS ’73, MS ’77, PhD ’83), Summit, NJ

Eat at Ernie’s food truck! 
Henry Ngo (PhD ’17), Pasadena, CA


JPL. Work there, meet their people, or at least tour the place. Ain’t nothing like it nowhere!
—Saif Hussain (BS ’78), Woodland Hills, CA